About Psychiatry and its various branches

About Psychiatry and its various branches

Psychiatry is a part of medical science which is devoted towards the treatment and prevention of various mental disorders and issues. Psychiatry in the long run has become one of the most creative, productive, interesting, developing and exciting segment and field of medical science. The field of psychiatric is undergoing a great transformation due to pressure enforced by external factors and acquisition of new scientific ideas and knowledge.

The treatment of psychiatry involves firstly with the examination of mental status and past history. Varieties of psychological tests and examinations are conducted on the basis and in accordance with the diagnostic manuals in which various clinical concepts are mentioned, to know the exact cause of the disorder. In the present time the most common treatment of psychiatry is a combine treatment of psychotherapy and psychiatric medication but it also includes various other new treatments. Psychiatrist in Gurgaon are experts in curing the problem of psychiatry. Psychiatric irrespective of theie personal gains must be interdisciplinary and multidisciplinary towards the care and treatment of their patients.

Due to the hypocrisy and curiosity of people this field is also suffering from the problem of divide and rule i.e. this field has now been divided into various other new branches.

Various Branches of Psychiatry

1- Community Psychiatry

One of the branches of psychiatry is community psychiatry. This branch is devoted towards contributing a mental health care program to a community for making them aware about mental issues.

2- Child Psychiatry

This branch looks after the ailment of mental disorders that occurs in children below the age of 12 years. Hence, child psychiatry is also similar to Adolescent psychiatry.

3- Geriatric Psychiatry

Another branch of psychiatry is Geriatric Psychiatry which deals with the problem of old age people. Geriatric personality is concerned with providing old age people with long- term and instant care whenever required.

4- Forensic Psychiatry

It is one of the branches of psychiatry that deals with legal aspects. It involves the cases of criminology, commitment of mentally challenged persons, penology, etc. and provide various legal and important information to the legal person or court.

5- Social Psychiatry

The other branch of psychiatry is social psychiatry. It deals with stress that is laid upon individual due to certain environmental influences and social group. This branch focus on the treatment and prevention of such disorder.

6- Cultural Psychiatry

This is also known as Comparative Psychiatry. This branch deals with the influences of culture which affects the individual deeply that cause mental problems to them.

7- Industrial Psychiatry

Industrial psychiatry is also one of the branch of psychiatry that deals with the workers mental state which gets affected due the pressure from business organizations.


There is a compulsion to merge all the branches of psychiatry into single psychiatry. Psychiatrist in Gurgaon deals in all the branches of psychiatry and are number one among other psychiatrists.