An overview of Conduct Disorder

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An overview of Conduct Disorder

Mental disorders can be of various type and one of the type of mental problem that we are discussing today is about Conduct Disorder. Conduct disorder is a kind of major behavioural or emotional problem that generally occurs to children and adolescents and affects them adversely. Conduct disorder is a group of persistent and repetitive behavioural problem and emotional problem that we can able to see in teenagers.

Youngsters or adults, those who are diagnosed by this problem experience great difficulty in keeping up with daily life, following rules, they may show violent and disruptive behaviour, they may not respect elders, problem in showing empathy and they always feel like being away from the society. Psychiatrist in Gurgaon suggest to be calm and patient with the person diagnosed with conduct disorder as people think of them as bad or ill mannered. As they are not doing it intentionally but because of their mental condition.

Best Psychiatrist in Gurgaon tells us about the major factors due to which conduct disorder can occur children are brain injury, social or physical abuse, genetic vulnerability, traumatic experiences, neglect or ignorance of closed ones or other people, family conflict, school failure and other mental problems.

The question arises here is how we can recognize whether a child suffers from conduct disorder or not. Generally kids at starting faces difficulty in tackling others with their behaviour but slowly they start to learn and behave properly. But when they start to ignore other people and has no concern for their feelings this could be the sign of conduct disorder. Better to consult Best Psychiatrist in Gurgaon at earliest for fast recovery.

Symptoms of Conduct Disorder

Person suffering from conduct disorder generally shows up with aggressive behaviour, dishonest, destructive behaviour and no interest in following rules. Few signs or symptoms of Conduct Disorder are-

  1. Aggression to people or animal.
  2. Bullying innocent people or even animals.
  3. Initiating Physical Fights.
  4. Threatening others and using a weapon to harm others.
  5. forcing someone into sexual activity.
  6. Staying out late and stealing.
  7. Deliberately destroying others property to cause damage.
  8. Feeling delight in being cruel and mean to others.
  9. No sympathy for others.
  10. Breaking into someone else's property and stealing.
  11. Deceitful or lying behaviour.
  12. Always runs away from school or home.
Children or teenagers exhibiting the above mentioned behaviours should must take a comprehensive evaluation by an experienced Psychiatrist in Gurgaon . It is also noticed that children with conduct disorder also undergoes the problem of anxiety disorder, depression, mood swings, substance abuse, learning problems.


Treatment is necessary, as without that it would be difficult for youngsters to adapt the demands and requirements of adulthood. Due to which they will face problems in their relationships.


Conduct disorder is a group of persistent and repetitive behavioural problem and emotional problem that we can able to see in teenagers.