All About Depression – A Psychological Disease

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All About Depression – A Psychological Disease

Feeling down, sadness, losing interest or pleasure in daily activities is the some of the symptoms which we all are familiar. But if all these symptoms appear and affect our life then it could be depression.

What is depression?

Depression is a mood disorder that is characterized by continually low mood and the feeling of sadness and loss in interest. This is a continuous problem and not a passing one which lasts on an average for 6 to 8 months.

How is depression diagnosed?

The diagnosis of depression begins with the consultation of a doctor, the mental health specialist or psychiatrist in Gurgaon. This is most important in seeking help of the health professional to ruling out the various causes of depression by ensuring differential diagnoses, and effective and safe treatment.

Causes of depression

Causes of depression are not completely understood and might not be down to a particular source. While we do not know what exactly causes depression, numbers of things are linked in its development. Depression results in the combination of recent events and the other long term or the personal factors rather than any one immediate event or issue.

Study says that continuous difficulties like long term unemployment or living in any abusive or uncaring relationship, loneliness, increased work stress and long term isolation are some common causes of depression.

Personal Factors leading to Depression

Family History: Depression could run in families and few people would be at increased risk. Having as close relative or parent in depression doesn’t mean that you will automatically have similar experience. Life circumstances and the other personal factors could still have important influence.

Personality: Few people might be at more risk of depression due to their personality, especially if they have the tendency of worrying a lot, have low self-esteem, are the perfectionists, or are more sensitive to personal criticism or are negative and self critical. Serious medical illness: Stress or worry to cope up with serious illness might lead to depression, if you are dealing with any long term chronic pain.

Use of drug and alcohol: alcohol and drug both can either lead to depression or is a result of depression. Each one is different and most often it is a combination of certain factors those contribute in developing depression. It is always important to remember that you cannot identify the main cause of depression. Hence it is always advised to visit best psychiatrist in Gurgaon.