Is migraine a serios threat to people's life ?

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Is migraine a serios threat to people's life ?

Migraine is one of the mental illness related to neurological problems of the brain, that causes various symptoms like intense & recurring headaches followed by nausea, dizziness, vomiting and difficulty in speaking, and sensitivity to light and sound.

Migraine is not same as headache. It occurs at different stages and can last up to several days or weeks. People suffering from migraine can experience a changes in sensory which is known as aura. Migraine can adversely affect the person's daily life and make them disable to do any kind of social and personal activities. Psychiatrist in Gurgaon has came up with new treatments to get rid from migraine.

The affects, triggers, frequency and symptoms of migraine can differ. Some people experience the episodes of migraine occasionally, whereas some people experience one episode each week. The doctors do treatments based on the past records, current symptoms faced by the patients and other causes. Migraines can be a genetical issue also and it affects all kind of age groups. As per survey, women are more likely to diagnosed with migraine than men.

Causes & Triggers of Migraine

Exact causes of migraine are not known but some of the few possible causes are-

  • Changes in brain that affect the way nerves communicate.
  • Changes in brain can also affect the balance of chemicals.
  • It also affects the blood vessels due to which there is a risk of causing migraine.

  • People suffering from depression, bipolar disorder, sleep disorders, anxiety, are more likely to have migraine.

    Triggers of migraine are-

  • Hormonal changes- Menstruation period can trigger migraine.
  • Depression, anxiety, stress are few examples of Emotional Triggers, of migraine.
  • Physical problems like lack of sleep, joint pains, poor posture, tiredness, dehydration, low blood sugar and jet lag are some reasons that triggers migraine.
  • Environmental Factors like unhealthy atmosphere, foul smells, loud noises, bad temperature, triggers migraine.
  • Medications like birth control pills, sleeping pills and hormone replacement therapy also leads to trigger migraine.
  • Dietary Factors like excessive consumption of alcohol, drugs, caffeine, chocolate, and foods containing addictive tramline can also trigger migraine.

  • Treatment of Migraine

    An attack of migraine generally occurs due to triggers. If the triggers are identified and avoided at early stage, then it will help in reducing the migraine. Basically, there is no exact cure of migraine. But with the help of treatment and medications frequency and intensity of attacks are minimized. For any kind of treatments related to mental illness contact Psychiatrist in Gurgaon.

    Gurgaon Multi Specialty Clinic has come up with the idea of online video consultation with the doctors. For those who don't want to visit the clinic, they can now chat with their doctors just by staying at their home.


    Migraine can be dangerous if early precautions are not taken it can adversely affects one's life.


    Migraines can be a genetical issue also and it affects all kind of age groups. As per survey, women are more likely to diagonesd with migraine than men.