Panic Attacks and it's Consequences

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Panic Attacks and it's Consequences

Panic attack is one of the kind of mental problem which people generally faces in their life. It is a sudden event of intense and serious fear that ignite or triggers the other types of severe physical as well as mental reactions. Even if a person is not in danger he might feel like he is stuck into some danger or feels like having life threat. Panic attacks are so dangerous that even people can die sometimes just because of it, because when a person experiences the attack, they feel like losing control over themselves and experience heart attack also.

When a person is facing some temporary problems in their life, it's usual to have one or two panic attacks because of tensions and as the situations improves, the problem of panic disorder vanishes. But if a person is experiencing unexpected or recurrent panic attacks, and they start to spend their time alone just because of the fear of getting hurt, then that is a condition when you are facing severe panic disorder.

Panic disorder can worsely affect someone's life, but with the help of proper treatment and care one can overcome this problem. Hence, it is suggested to consult Psychiatrist in DLF Phase V for better treatment and diagnosis. People have feelings of fear or anxiety, when they are diagnosed with Panic disorder. Sometimes they also experience the problem of breathing, increased heartbeat, sweating continuously, chest pain and even trembling. Even some people also have feelings of detachments from reality and their closed ones.

Symptoms of Panic Attack.

Panic attacks can occur anytime, and they can be scary and may hit you intensely. Besides they may be overwhelming and can also have emotional as well as physical symptoms.

1) Racing heart or Increased Heartbeat is a very common symptoms which can be seen in every person.
2) Feeling tired, weak or dizzy.
3) Shaking or quivering because of anxiety or frailty.
4) Loss of control over oneself.
5) Problem in breathing.
6) Sense of something tragic or bad is to happen.
7) Sweating and feeling chill all around the body.
8) Fingers and hand becomes numb.
9) Fear of death.
10) Feeling of detachment from the reality.
11) Nausea.
12) Chest pain or headache.

Just because of the fear of having attacks people start to avoid being socialize. It is one of the worst thing of Panic disorder that people may have constant fear that, they may get another attack if they faces once.


There is nothing which cannot be cured with the help of proper treatment and diagnosis. Psychiatrist in DLF Phase IV has solved and treated many patients having panic disorders. So it's always suggested to visit your doctor when you experiences any of the symptoms mentioned above.


Panic disorder can worsely affect someone's life, but with the help of proper treatment and care one can overcome this problem.