Approach for achieving best psychotherapy treatment

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Approach for achieving best psychotherapy treatment

Dealing with Psychiatric issues is not an easy thing but more important than this is going for Psychiatric treatment or Psychotherapy. According to Dr. Vipul Rastogi a well known Psychiatrist in Gurgaon to get best result in treatment of mental health issues depends on selection of the Psychiatrist and the relation of the Dr. with the patient.

Selection criteria for a psychiatrist:
The foremost factor that results in good treatment is choosing the therapist. Selection of the the Psychiatrist will be depending relationship patient has with the doctor. Patient must comfortable in dealing with the doctor in these cases. Patient must be at ease in discussing aspects of mental illness.

Patient must develop trust with the doctor. Patient must have confidence in the doctor for better and fast result. Until and unless patient confident about the doctor it will create barrier between both of them. Doctor must make efforts to make patient feel confident that they have approached right place and what so ever they share with their doctor will be not disclosed to anyone. It is doctor duty to keep patient data confidential.

Open up and voice out
When a patient feels a bond with the doctor and develops trustworthiness it becomes easier for the patient to reveal their problems to the doctor. For any treatment regarding mental illness major role plays to discuss the issues with doctor openly. Patient has to talk about all the sensitive issues that bother them openly with the doctor if the patient is hesitant with the doctor there are chances that patient may hide vital information this may cause barrier in treatment. For successful psychiatric treatment it is required that patient speak about all minute details.

Understanding Psychotherapist:
During Psychiatric treatment patient goes through various stages of treatment that may create distress in patient. First of all patient should believe in his doctor that they will provide him best of the treatment, secondly on doctor part it is essential that they disclose various phases of treatment that patient has to undergo. As psychotherapy is bit long term process it is important that patient should have faith in the doctor regarding the treatment. It is always advisable that patient to go for counselling sessions before starting with the treatment so that both patient and psychiatrist in Gurgaon can understand and relate to each other.


Psychiatrist in Gurgaon. Factors resulting in best results of psychiatric treatment like Selection criteria for a psychiatrist, Confidentiality, Open up and voice out and Understanding Psychotherapist