Depression a Health Hazard among Millennial

Depression treatment in gurgaon

Depression a Health Hazard among Millennial

Depression is the most common mental health disorder that prevalent in all sections of society. Facing stressful situation is normal but when the level of anxiety is of high order and frequent nature is matter of concern. Psychiatrist in Gurgaon says, Experiencing persistent stress and anxiety that cause major behavioural shift and create disturbance in everyday activities is considered to be Depression.

Millennial’s are encountering depression, the reason behind increase in cases of depression are lot. Psychiatrist in Gurgaon believes that depression can develop among all age group at any stage of life cycle. Depression is mental illness that is rising with speed among Millennial the situation has to be dealt and controlled. Psychiatrist can be of great help in overcoming such situations. Depression is cure able mental disease so patient dealing with depression must consult Psychiatrist in Gurgaon for right treatment.

Depression and Millennial:

Social life – Millennial generation social life and social media creates lots of pressure and somehow it is being cause of depression among them. Sharing personal and professional life on social media and immediate sharing information through internet creates stress and anxiety.

Peer Pressure- competitiveness to achieve and do better than peers in every walk of life has given boost to depression among millennial’s. They are ready to face challenges and strive to come out with flying colours this has created mental pressure and stress. Millennial should face challenges but with positive mindset.

Income Strata- our earning and meeting ends with them is becoming reason for depression. When salary is not enough to meet expenditure it creates stressful situation. Millennial expenditure our way more beyond the expectations and insufficient funds to cater them leaves them with mental pressure.

Lifestyle- fancy and luxurious lifestyle for maintaining a social status and build up the reputation in society is cause of depression in Millennial. According to Psychiatrist they require a healthy and comfortable lifestyle that will provide them peace of mind.

Warning Symptoms- alarming signs and symptoms that can be seen among patient with depression are change in sleeping and eating habits, drastic mood swings, prolonged feeling of loneliness and sadness, loss of interest in daily cores and changes in level of performance of work. If any of these symptoms seen in individual meet psychiatrist in Gurgaon. Psychiatrist Dr. Vipul Rastogi will provide needful treatment and therapies. Patient will have relief and lead a normal healthy life.


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