What are the major perspectives of Psychology

What are the major perspectives of Psychology

Before studying about the major perspectives of psychology, let us first understand about what psychology means. Psychology is a part of medical science. It is a scientific study about what how people behave, what people feel and how they think. It is a deep study about the human behaviour and mind. Therefore, psychologists always keep on learning and practicing about the different moods and behaviour of different persons. Because the behaviour varies with persons. They also study about the thing that trigger the behaviour and thought of people.

Wilhelm Wundt one of the famous psychologists, in the year 1879 has opened the first psychology lab. Psychologists study about the various aspects of human behaviour like the functions of brain, personality of a person and influences of social- culture. When the answers to some of the questions like why people act differently, and about the mind sets of people, then it is said that psychology has started to develop. Best Psychiatrist in Gurgaon has a team of psychologists that excels in psychology and continuously keep on practicing and learning about the new facts of human behaviours.

There are five main perspectives of psychology. Now let us know about them in brief.

1- Biological Perspectives
One of the first perspective of psychology is the Biological approach. The person who study about the biological perspectives are called as Bio psychologists. They study about the genetics, hormones and nervous systems and how they affect the behaviour of the human beings. Bio psychologists study about the brain and mental behaviour, and nerves and hormones connections that how through this a persons thoughts and actions are coming. Our actions and thoughts depends on the way how our brain and body will be responding. The main aim of the bio psychologist is to know the fact of keeping the mind and body healthy. It also helps in knowing about the mental disorders like schizophrenia which occurs mainly due to genetics issues.

2- Psychodynamic Perspectives
One of the psychologist named Sigmund Freud was one who promoted the concept of Psychodynamic approach. He believes that our actions are the reactions that are caused due to sex drive. From their childhood some people experience the problems of this. Some of the psychologist also believes in this same as Doc. Freud and they also said that this things becomes worse when societal restrictions are imposed on them. The need for this varies for the different age group of people. But the theories of Freud has now become outdated and people are making jokes on his theories.

3- Behavioural Perspectives
This approach tells us about how the behaviour of the people can also be effected by the environmental issues. The influence can sometimes be so serious that it leads you to act impulsively and weirdly. The effect from this approach can last for lifetime and we also face the impact of this in our daily life. Due to this we start thinking about anything like why this television ads are made, or why do we need to follow the rules to any weird thoughts with no sense.

4- Humanistic Perspective
Psychologist of humanistic approach aims at making people feel good about themselves making their needs and desires fulfill. Carl Rogers a famous humanistic psychologists used to provide a supportive environment to thier patients whom he used to call as 'Clients' to take a time and go deep down their own feelings. If compared to other perspective humanistic approach is all about individually empowerment of people. Psychologist motivated the people to think good about oneself. They try to make you think of becoming the best person one can be.

5- Cognitive Perspective
The psychologist say that in cognitive approach our behaviour depends upon our own emotions and expectations. And when our expectations are not fulfilled or we are emotionally hurt then our behaviour and act may become weird. Our experiences from the past helps us in solving problems. Jean Piaget an cognitive psychologist once said that we remember only those things which are already known to us. In this perspective we generally keep ourselves away from people and continue to think and live in our dreamland full of expectations and desires. Summary

Psychology is one of the main part of human life. Best Psychiatrist in Gurgaon helps in solving our problems in every possible way they can. It's very hard to know about what is going in the mind of other person but with proper knowledge of psychology one can read it.