What is depression and how it can effect your life

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What is depression and how it can effect your life

In today's fast moving life people are struggling to increase their income together with better health and life. But the pressure are so much that they have to suffer various mental disorders such as Depression, Anxiety, Maladaptations related to mood, addictions, etc. To prevent this they need a psychiatrist with whom they can share there problem.

Nowadays, especially in youth the problem of Depression, anxiety and addictions are very common. Let us first know what is depression.

Depression Depression leads to mood disorder which is different from the mood fluctuations which people experience in their daily or regular life. Its leads to loss of interest in life or anything and leads to sadness and anger which interfere with people's everyday life. In females depression is twice a time more common as compared to men and the most common symptoms among them are fatigue, irritations, mood swings, more talking.

People need to understand the difference between depression and regular mood swings. It's normal to feel sad and down sometimes, because not everyday is a happy go day but if you feel tensed, hopeless and sad atmost of the time then it is not normal it might mean you may be dealing with depression.

You need to get a proper treatment or consult a good psychiatrist in gurgaon who can help you tackle with depression otherwise with time it might get worse and can influence your chronic health and can effect your relationships too.

Most common symptoms of Depression are:

  • Loss of interest from daily activities of life
  • Changes in appetite
  • Loss of sexual interest
  • Lack of sleep or restlessness
  • Inability to concentrate
  • Increase aggressiveness
  • Feeling of Hopelessness

  • Causes of Depression

    Depression can be cause due to any if the following reasons:

    1. As we all know its very common to have the same disease if any of your family member have suffered any kind of problem in the past due to same genetics. Depression might be one of the disease which can be caused due to the family history too.
    2. Excessive contents of drugs and alcohols.
    3. Bad incidents from past which has traumatized the person badly can cause depression if theh go through or see the similar incidents.
    4. If the frontal lobe of the brain is less active it can lead to hyper depression.
    5. Insomnia or chronic illness.
    6. Attention- deficit hyperactivity disorder.

    Treatment of Depression

    It's very hard to diagnose the problem of depression. But if you consult the best psychiatrist you can easily come out of depression. There are certain ways which psychiatrist generally advises or prescribe to do which are as follows:

    1. Exercise- A daily exercise of 40-45 minutes can help you improve your immune system and refreshes your mood and helps in preventing depression.
    2. Avoidance of drugs and alcohol because these can worsen your depression and causes anxiety disorder too.
    3. Best psychiatrist can treat you like a friend and helps you in speaking your heart out and helps in coping up with your negativities. Its is always advisable to have a session of group or family therapy.
    4. Medications is also one of the way to avoid depression but geneally a good psychiatrist don't prefer medicines first because medicines can have both the good and risky side effects also.
    5. Psychiatrist also suggest for meditations. Meditations helps in keeping mind stable and provide peace to the entire body which can be benefical in curing depressions.

    Depression can happen to anyone irrespective of the age and it can be either for a short period or long term but if it is long term then it can be a matter of serios concern. It can spoil your life as well as your relationships too so, before it is too late consult a best psychiatrist in Gurgaon and live a healthy life.